Equipment provided for rent is used, and therefore may have signs of normal wear and tear, which does not affect its use as intended. We are always working on updating the warehouse of machinery and equipment.

The minimum order amount is 2000 UAH.


– The price on the website is indicated per unit of product (units, square meters);

– The price includes the minimum rental period – 24 hours;

– The price does not include taxes and fees;

– The price does not include the delivery of equipment, installation, disassembly, engineering support;

– The final rental price is calculated by our manager by phone or e-mail.


– Payment is possible both for cash and for non-cash payment;

– Guaranteed availability of equipment is provided after making a prepayment of 50% of the order value;

– Payment by bank transfer is carried out on the basis of an invoice or contract. The terms of the contract are negotiated individually.


– The amount of collateral for the equipment provided depends on the cost of the equipment and is stipulated in the terms of the contract;

– With mutual consent, the pledge can be replaced with an identity document and a letter of guarantee;

– If you detect breakdowns or technical malfunctions when you return the entrusted equipment, you will be provided with a defective letter and an invoice including the cost of repairing the equipment;

– The deposit is returned at the end of the rental period of the equipment and its check on the performance and proper form.


– Shipping cost depends on the order quantity;

– Independent export of equipment from our warehouse is possible;

– The cost of delivery includes: loading, delivery, unloading, installation, configuration, disassembly, unloading;

– The cost of delivery does not include: lifting the equipment on the floors, the cost of paid parking at the location, transfer of equipment at the request of the client;

– Delivery of equipment occurs in advance, no later than 4 hours before the use of the equipment.