Rental of control panel lighting Free Color 192DMX

грн. 1,250.00

192 DMX channels
30 memory banks of 8 scenes
MIDI interface
Power Supply Voltage 220V / 50Hz
weight 2 kg
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Any light fixture requires professional control.
For this purpose, a number of control instruments are used.
Management is realized through DMX channels.
Our Light management range includes a Free Color 192CH light control.

Model Features:
- 192 DMX channels;
- 30 memory banks of 8 scenes;
- MIDI interface;
- Power supply voltage 220V / 50Hz.

You can get acquainted with the work of lighting equipment on our Youtube-channel:
Additional information
Number of DMX channels


Supply voltage / V / Hz range


Control functions

12 devices with 16 channels

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